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Stages of work

Stage 1. We make the technical task

Our work begins with acquaintance in our office. We ask for a plan of your premises to discuss all the details in advance. Make a technical task (for example, apartments):

  • 1. Number of family members, their habits and hobbies.
  • 2. General style.
  • 3. Wishes for zoning.
  • 4. Wishes for materials, manufacturers, equipment.
  • 5. Indication of the budget of repair and finishing works.
  • 6. Discussion of terms of repair.

In the future, we sign a cooperation agreement, the customer makes a deposit of 50% of the total cost of work. The next step is measuring the room, photo and video recording.

Stage 2. Planning

Development of planning takes 1-2 weeks, it is carried out taking into account all wishes of the customer and technical characteristics of the room. We usually do planning based on the customer's vision and additionally as we see it. This allows you to choose between, sometimes, completely different options.

Stage 3. Visualization of the room:

1. Work begins after planning approval.
2. Lasts 2-5 weeks.
3. We draw in detail every detail, providing from 3 to 10 angles of the room.
4. The customer can make changes 2 times, without radically changing the style or layout of the room.

Stage 4. Working documentation

  1. Measurement plan
  2. Dismantling plan
  3. Plan with redevelopment
  4. Furnishing plan
  5. Plan for filling doorways
  6. Ceiling plan indicating the material
  7. Floor plan indicating the material
  8. Plan of lighting fixtures
  9. Plan of groups of lighting fixtures
  10. Socket location plan
  11. Heating plan
  12. Air conditioning plan
  13. Sweep the walls of the room

Stage 5. Issuance of the project

  1. Performed after approval of visualizations and readiness of drawings.
  2. The project is transferred after the calculation.
  3. The customer can apply within 30 working days, if he has minor corrections, clarifications.
  4. The customer can take advantage of the designer's free visit to select finishing materials according to the project.

Stage 6. Author's support

Term 1-12 months

1. Assistance in the selection of filling (finishing materials, furniture, textiles, lighting, decor).
2. Miscalculations of materials.
3. Consultations of the customer, the foreman, contractors.
4. Departure for construction 3-7 times.

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