interior design

Interior design

This is a comprehensive service that allows you to look into the future and see how your interior will look like. We take into account all the wishes and technical characteristics of the premises. We develop, plan and, if necessary, accompany the project in detail and individually.

The project includes:

  1. Measurements.
  2. Drawing up technical specifications.
  3. 3D visualization.
  4. Working documentation.
  5. Amendments (2 options, if necessary).


12 - 16 weeks

The cost

24$ / m2

Working documentation:
  1. Measurement plan.
  2. Dismantling plan.
  3. Redevelopment plan.
  4. Furnishing plan.
  5. Plan for filling doorways.
  6. Ceiling plan with material indication.
  7. Floor plan with material indication.
  8. Lighting plan.
  9. Lighting groups plan.
  10. Outlet layout.
  11. Heating plan.
  12. Conditioning plan.
  13. Development of the walls of the room.

Copyright support

Copyright support is a service that allows you to transfer a project from paper to reality, adhering to all the details and observing all color and stylistic solutions as much as possible


1-12 months

The cost

7$ / m2

Accompaniment includes:
  1. Assistance in the selection of filling - (finishing materials, furniture, textiles, lighting, decor).
  2. Calculations of materials.
  3. Consulting the customer, foreman, contractors.
  4. Departure for construction 3-7 times.
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